Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life in a metro and Just married

recently I saw these two movies I wanted to see for a long time, Life in a metro was quite appreciated by everybody so I was quite curious to see, but I was dissappointed. It starts very slowly, and after a period that that rain is quite irritating. Moreover this style of introducing characters one by one is getting quite stale and slow process.The treatment is quite cliche and so is the end. Only part i liked was with Sharman and Irfan and Konkona

In Just married the basic story is good that there may be some awkwardness in an arranged marriage but the treatment and inacting of the lead couple both make the movie quite insipid.Isha has acted in such a way, as if she has been married against her will to a horrible man, This is not the way brides react in an arranged marriage and Fardeen as usual is hamming.And the idea of showing happy marriage thru a couple married for 40 yrs is completely bizarre, as they are shown cribbing all the time

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