Friday, April 25, 2008

deccan chronicle-got a prize also-july 07

Kserials have completely lost their credibility and entertainment value, being just repititive."VIRUDHA" a serial on sony is far better in its storyline presentation and aesthetic value.It has a very different story line augmented by strong actors playing different roles.Characters are well defined and true to people in life, made of flesh and blood. It has all the emotions without being melodramatic.
I like Durgesh Nandini also.Its protagonist durgesh and Lukshya have a very fresh look about them, very endearing couple.Durgesh is shown to be an intelligent girl who cant be taken for granted by anybody, she has immense presence of mind and common sense,so uncommon in todays serials.besides she behaves in a very normal way not taking cudgels on each and everybody's behalf, the way all other heroines like Prerna,Saloni all seem to be doing.Its funny and pathetic both to see prerna, Tulsi, parwati , all doing everything in the family inspite of having a big pariwar, then why have a pariwar?And always they seem to worry about others families and in the bargain destroying their marriages, what sort of signal they want to give? If they cant manage their own husbands and children, how can they look after the whole pariwar, its a puzzle to me.

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