woman's era -jan 08

In NovII issue, one reader wrote about NRI children visit ,in the same context one more issue is cropping up very frequently is how the old generation should live, because most of them are just existing, not living.Since many of the young professionals arestationed abroad,may be for few years, but for parents its a difficult situation. Either they dont want to live in other countries due to various reasons and problems as the case ay be like;frequent medical requirements,unknown environment,sometimes not being physically strong to shoulder the responsibility of the house which anyway their children expects them to do) or they cant because of the visa problems.Here in Hyderabad I have met many parentsliving alone feeling melencholy and cheated at the autumn of their lives. As when they most need the care and emotional support of their children, they are left alone to fend for themselves.But this also I know that solution doesnt lie in living with children only as sometimes living together brings with itself a host of other problems. It would be better if we remove the stigma attached to old age homes and bring up some senior citizen localities with less frill, more utility oriented and customised services. For this governmant and NGOS may join hands and pool in their resources to bring dignity and happiness to the life of seniors at a reasonable cost.Ideally a senior citizen needs to live in a place close to nature, but with all the assistance in medical,housekeeping and entertaining needs.


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