Monday, September 8, 2008


A conversation between husband(H) and wife(W)
W.....hello, I am not able to fix the menu today, please tell me what to cook.
H.....its not a big thing, cook whatever is convenient to u. i want to cook your chosen dish, pl tell me na.
H--Ok, ( with enthusiasm)....then make stuffed karela and arvi
W....But u see today i have to see Munna(their son)/s home work also, I will make karela tomorrow, as it take a lot of time. and Arvi, I cant peal, it gives me itching.Pl tell something else.
H--ok then make green gourd.
W-offo...I am asking u to tell me something special, I want to do something special for u.
H.getting all puffed up with so much of bhav he is getting..fine then lets have Paneer.
W--Tum bhi na, cant u remember, last week only we had paneer, its not good for health to take too much of it.
H--, ok(with a sigh) then make brinjal.
W..U dont have any thoughts about kids, u know Munna doesnt eat it.
Husband putting up his hands says-make whatever u want, just dont bother me.
wife simply cant understand, whats wrong with him, why he is so angry, poor lady was only trying to please him:), on one side is she asking his choice and he is getting annoyed, these men:(


sansmerci said...

haha ... no comments :P

Jayashree said...


my space said...

Lol..aren`t all wives the same..we will make exactly what we please still ensure that H is convinced that he had asked for it!!!

sansmerci said...

chek my blog :P no prizes for guessing wat it is !

Praveen said...

hahah...nice post..
just proves the fact that 'women r from venus and men are from mars';)

Anonymous said...

lolz..good one!
Men will be men and women will be women!
But i wud never nag my husband like this. I sincerely hope I don't.. lolz

Extending heartfelt sympathies to the husband in question ;-)

A rebel all the way... said...

oh hoooo seems u wud never understand men....was about to write something else, but decided to censor it.....ahem ahem.....

Cess said...

lol, is it based on a true story? I ll be annoyed too if somebody asked what do i want and then every time I say something the person has excuses/reasons to say no!!! ;)

Renu said...

I am pleased that u liked it:)

Praveen: Thanks for dropping, do keep coming:)

REBEL: Hey, I think I understand men very well:) as all the men in my son, my H,my brother and MY dad(he is no more) all are very happy with me:)so what if I am saying so myself::))
and in this post I am laughing at myself, Hubby here uis so sweet:)

Cess; This is more or less my story....hehe....I am or was like that, even now every sunday i will ask my H what special to prepare for BF and then veto all his choices one by one:)ultimaterly making him afgree for the dish I had already thought of:), even my mom will ask my brother's choice in everything, but wil do ultimately what she wants and he will get soooooooooooo angry:)
But I always say......we ask ur advice but dont think we will follow it:)

Sanmerci; coming to ur blog any way:), thats my daily routine.

Anonymous said...

hey my comment disappeared???
anyways id said- men will b men and wimmen wil b wimmen ;-)

I sincerely hope I dont nag my husband ;-)

extending heartfelt sympathies to the husband in question lolz

DeeplyDip said...

lol...true...i guess we all do it at times...we want to ask and then make the other say what we want them to! and this is not limited to women!

Renu said...

SWATS; sorry for missing ur's girls dont nag:), plus today u dont know, who will be cooking and who will be asking::)) tables have turned.

Deeplydip: yeah, I never even realised it, till one day i read some article and thought OMG I am doing the same:) Even now for my shopping I want my H to choose what I like, because our choices are quite different, I wudnt buy anything unless he assents for it,and will buy my choice only,poor H, now he has learned how to choose my things my way:)

niya said...

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Piper .. said...

ha ha hilarious! and verry familiar too :)

descrying the shadows said...

Ha ha ... nice one .... It may sound starnge but I always found such incidents to be a lil romantic .. call me weird ... Considering I love cooking and do it often at home .. I get annnoyed too when mom does not tell me her choice when I ask her what she wants to have ... let alone wifey when i get married .. ;)

Preeti said...

Oh i KNOW il be a nag...! poor man whoever he is! ;) hehehe!

Salil said...

That was really funny.
I can assure you that this happens in my household too. I thought my wife was only so smart. Oh you women..!

Renu said...

Niya: Thanks Niya!

Piper: with me its everyweek episode:)

Descrying the shadows: Thanks for dropping ! good that u find it romantic:) its quite common for the family memebers to say--kuch bhi (anything), I always say give a name to KUch BHI:)sometimes making a menu is more difficult than cooking:)

Preeti: thanks for dropping! be a romantic nag:)

Salil: Thanks for coming! Not for nothing they say..women are from venus and men are from mars...arent we lovable like that;) ?

Reflections said...

hehe nice like us.

btw cant seem to comment on ur most recent one.....not tht i know of any calling cards. Just was going to tell u I dont know of any;-P

Renu said...

its quite common with me:)

I thot ,may be its not proper to ask like this:) so I removed the post

dharmabum said...

i normally don't like to be asked, as i feel i miss out on the surprise element :)

SR said...

This happens at my home all the time - between my mom and dad and we would mostly end up with kichadi or upma! :-)

Renu said...

Dharmabum: I also dont like telling MY H the menu,specailly if its something special:)

SR: Thanks for dropping:) so..whener this converstion is going on u must finalise the menu First before the time comes for Upma, though I like upma:)

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