Monday, September 29, 2008


From today Navraatri are starting,it is a festival of nine days and the starting of auspicious time considered good for starting any new venture, entering new homes,buying property, vehicles etc etc. It is a celebration of nine days, ceberated through out the country but with a little difference in the way.

When i was in Kharagpur and Ranchi, the enthu for Pooja was so infectious:), all our neigbourhood used to be busy in shopping for new clothes, then give the dress to all their relatives., then from Shashtthi-sixth day, they used to be all decked up and go out to various programmes held in the city and then Pandal hopping:) what fun it was ! There Durga ma is brought home like a daughter,loved and feasted,celebrated and when she goes back, she is sent with lots of emotions, Sindoor( red color) khela, and evrybody feels really sad.

While in MP it was celebrations all the way, with Daandiya and Garba every where, and what used to amaze me that evryday around 10.30 pm in the main chowk, around 20-25 ladies and girls used to gather and do it, all decked up in colorful dresses and jwellery, looking gorgeous, and there used to be lots of spectators, but never saw any comments or teasing anything of that type. And one thing I really miss about Indore is there we could go out and eat even in our fasts, as in the markets everything is available with fasting ingredients like aloo tikki,Gulabjamun, namkeen, almost everything:) and same was there inNagpur. There we used to get some sort of leaves a symbol of friendship and on Dashmi(tenth day) people used to give them to their friends showing their friendship.

We worship the nine forms of Durga--
We do the fasting for 8 or 7 days as the case may be, according to Tithi.On the first day we sow the oats also. and then worship ma durga.Some people get the puja and paath done by Panditjee. For those days I dont even cook onion in my house.we eat only certain vegetables like Potato, colocascia, red pumkin and a particular flour and sago and rock salt only.

then on navmi, I make Pooris,Chola and halwa and call the girls...all young below 10 yrs and one boy is a must.on theses days....girls are considered an image of ma durga. so we felicitate them.worship them, we give them prasad and anything else whatever we want to.
The oats we sow are cut on Dashmi and used in Pooja and for tika to brother.

On dashmi--my mother used to make a big rangoli type and then put flowers and all that and then my father used to make new account books.and pens This day all the weapons u have are cleaned and put in the pooja. Today according to feng shui Fish is a symbol of prosperity, but in our house, even in those days, when none knew about feng shui.......many girls and boys used to come with fishes to show us and we used to give them money.
In south i have seen people putting many dolls and the festival is called Kolu,More than this I dont know anything, may be some of my blogger friends will enlighten me?

For me navraatri is not only about fasting......its for us to......remain pure for those days and follow the code of conduct for that
dont get angry
or irritated
no lies or cheating.
no bad thoughts at all
be kind to everybody


ugich konitari said...

So refreshing to read about personal and family traditions here, at a time when , in most big cities it is all about massive expenditures on clothes, and swinging away all night at garbas.....enjoyed your post. Thank you.

Renu said...

ugich Konitari: Yes g,Garba was a form of worshipping ma durag, is now turned into a complete commercial venture.
Earlier when my children used to come on vacations during navraatri, they used to be irritated that now no onion,eggs or anything, but now my daughter also follows the routine same way:) actually these traditions teach us restraint and discipline.
Thanks for liking it:)

Monika said...

happy navratri!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh even v observe 'Navmi' and those 9 days..
V call unmarried girls for lunch and give them 'return gifts' hehe

My family is as traditional n religious as urs Renu
Esp my mom..but frankly, after a point, it pisses me mom exhausts herself and goes overboard with all the preparation and money!

God is within us..v don’t have to go overboard to please him
N Navratri garbas never interested me tho its such a rage in Mumbai

Renu said...

Monika; How r u celebrating?

Swats:when we were young, we used to love this as everybody used to call us and give that special Bhav as kanya, this was the only when we were in real demand:)

I am not very strict mother, so nevr made any strict rules for children, now that my daughter is married, she herself does everything with the same enthu:)
My son and DIL also love doing it, and I always tell them that there are many items, they can eat,its not a very strict fasting,its rather feasting:)
I dont do it or take it as pleasing god, its something like acelebration for us with a different way. U r right that god is within us and no need to go overboard,just do what comes to u easily with a smile:)
I love dandia and garba both, such fun to do it:)

my space said...

Happy Navratri..renu i so wanted to fast today but unfortunately dwn wth cold n fever...Dandiya is BIG in mumbai, although after the 10.30 deadline not many participate..we do the kanjak puja on ashtami..festivals are so much fun..

Raghu said...

awww , it does get me so very much nostalgic .. my mom used to do so much of puja .. nd she used to prepare different kind of sweets on each day of navaratri .. i do have fond memories of the festival ..

am sure in the north of india , the celebration is much more .. but if u ever get a chance , do visit mysore(karnataka) during navaratri .. its festival all over .. ambience is just great ..

dashami(or is it navami ??) is pretty special .. that was the only day i used to wash my bike !! .. really !! .. it all seem so distant now :) ..

so 10 days of pure life in a year haan ?? .. hehe .. how abt the rest of the year ?? :)

SR said...

Hey Renu - am catching up on the blogs after a long time! I did not know about the different avatars of Goddess Durga...I love visiting Durga Maa at the Bengali association at Besant Nagar during Navaratiri! I am missing those visits..

Piper .. said...

Renu!!!!! You were in Ranchi?!!! Did you know that I`m from Ranchi? That I grew up there, have a home there? And that my parents still stay there???? :) :)
Happy Navraatri to you too!

aneri_masi said...

Hey you stayed in Ranchi? My in-laws live there.

Haven't read the entire post yet, will come back and comment :)

Anonymous said...

I like Ranchi. Cool weather.

Renu said...

My space: How are you feeling now? this is a festival season, so take care of urself.
I love doing dandiya.we do Kanchaki on navmi:)my daughter used to go around distibuting, now she misses those days:), I do the fast for all the days, but if I feel like, i can take so many things, even some people eat both the times, so its more of feasting:)

Raghu: must be washing bike on Dashmi:),the celebration is better in bengal, north also celebrates, but nothing like the enthu of bengal--everybody is out on street in the fineries and so many dishes cooked and then all the time meeting each other, for 3 days, most of the people spend time in Baaris-like kaali baadi, there game for all groups, musical nights, cultural programmes, everything is there, even I like their emotional attachment also:)

I have heard so much about dussehra in Mysore and Kullu, but never been there, try some time.

Pure for 10 days..twice in a year...and then it becomes a habit:):)

SR: Thanks for telling me that it is there inbessant nagar:), now I will go, I do the paatth of Durga Saptshati everyday:) so i know a little about all these things.
I like festivities, its an occasionto enjoy together.

Piper& Aneri Maasi: I didnt know, what a pleasant surprise:), after marriage I went to Ranchi only, so it has a very special place and memories for me, and I think it is one of the best places in India, what with good weather, so many lakes, falls, and the Firayalal, and there used be a very good chaatwala near upper bazar. I used to live in upper burdwaan compund.
I am yet to find orange rasogullas the way they were served by Uday Mishthaan bhandaar:)I just loved them.
and U know in front of my house there was a young teenage boy, who had a love story like laila majnu:).
I always wanted to know wheter he got his laila or not? girl's name I remember, it was Rashmi.

Renu said...

Hobo: yeah , I really liked that, luckily I have never stayed anywhere in my life with a shortage of electricity or very bad weather:), I always feel, god looks after me:) as I cant stand heat.

Anonymous said...

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