Monday, September 22, 2008

karan johar and sooraj barjatya

As soon as I switched the TV on saw the movie--Maine Pyaar kiya.. that antakshari round, and I became engrossed in watching, everything is so nice and perfect in this movie. Then i started thinking what is so special about Sooraj Barjatya's movies, not that I liked everything, I didnt like--main prem ki diwani hoon and ham saath saath ha(this was too much of a sugary dose, too sweet also doesnt taste good) Ham aapke hain kaun and Maine pyaar kiya....both i have seen umpteen times, but still can watch them(just like Silsila), so what is so good about them. karan Johar also makes good movies but not so repeat value, so why?
S has perfect ,ideal families, the way we want them to be, but mighty impossible, whereas Karan;s families are normal people with some flaws also.
Karan goes over the top in opulence, of coure S also has house like mansions where u can cycle inside,but they are not garish and emphasis is more on the characters than their dresses and houses.
And the equation between Salman and madhuri or bhagyashree both is very natural sort, everything comes so slowly and naturally, nothing like love at first sight,, I found Kajol a little too loud in K3G, and it seemed a little strange that a boy like Shahrukh will fall for her.
And then emotional part---its so melodramatic with K's movies, whereas in S.....they are subtle,powerful without being loud.
So Swats if u ever interview Sooraj barjatya, tell him audience like me want to see more of his original types, even I liked Nadiya ke Paar also very much.


my space said...

renu i loved nadiya ke paar..the song kaun disa mein leke chala re sweet na?
the resaon why S appeals is cos he deals with average middle class indian--read that as masses.
Karan on the other hand makes films on the`s a niche and though one may aspire to be there ,they are actually a part of S`s world..

sachin said...

very nice blog...

DeeplyDip said...

I also watched main payr kiya the other day on tv! I agree some of these flicks can be sen over and over again - like my all time fav DDLJ. Another diff between K and S is that while K's characters are very modern, young and urban, S's movies have a more traditional touch. The servant is always treated as a memebr of the family, a pet in the house is a must and the whole focus revolves around a big happy family (which is still quite prevalent in India - big families i.e). K's movie has friends, disco, designer clothes, funky songs, young humor etc...

Anonymous said...

Rajshri Productions are into movie business since 1947
And I have met once S and yes, in my first meet I found him a person who talk less and very focused about his job.
New realease :
Ek Vivaah aisa bhi
Starring :
Sonu Sood
Isha Koppikar
Wish them GoodLuck !

SR said...

hey renu, both of their movies also have something else is common - actors who overemote.... as in the case of Jaya bachan and few others in K3G, or the main characters of Kareena and Hrihik in MPKDH....

Anonymous said...

First things first: Suraj Barjatya is RECLUSIVE and ELUSIVE..its hard to pin him down for a chat! He keeps the media at bay!

MAIN PREM KI DEEWANI HOON sucked! I agree! What was he thinking I wonder!

VIVAH bore the discernable Suraj Barjatya stamp- the overly simpering Poonam (Amrita Rao), coy looks, the pangs of first love, the goody goody image, a happy extended was a bit too much!

Barjatya’s cinema is synonymous with Godlike affluent characters! He looks at life thru rose-tinted glasses and the older generation gets carried away!

I loved Rajshri Films’ Maine Pyar Kiya tho..

As for KJo, his films are marked by extravagance, opulence and grandeur! The larger-than-life sets, foreign locales, New Yorkish backdrop…His characters r never plagued by poverty lol..

I wanted to slap Kajol in KABHI KHUSHIE..I hated her in tht film..over-the-top hamming!
She rocked in DDLJ tho..

Incidentally, MY NAME IS KHAN wud b a far cry frm the quintessential Karan Johar cinema!

Bollywood is bankrupt of ideas but its gradually evolving.

ugich konitari said...

Its amazing how us 1 or 2 BHK types think of the SB or KJ houses, as seen in their movies.

You mention houses where you can even "cycle" inside :-). We used to often say these houses were so huge you could play badminton in their "hall".....:-). Probably tells you which generation is talking .

Nice read.

Shalom said...

Too sweet....exactly what I thought after watching Hum Saath Saath Hain!!!

Anonymous said...

id posted a HUGE comment..whre is it Renu?????

Renu said...

my space: i also love this movie ,must have seen it 3-4 times, but still everything is so natural and lovable. In K movies nothing touches me, its only entertainment, but S movies always brings aaknhe hamesha bheeg jaati hain:)

sachin: Thank u sachin, keep coming:)

Deeplydip: yes u r right.S' character are modern with a traditional outlook, but K'characters are traditional but with a moern outlook.In s--people are very soft , caring, i like that very much,even in real life I dont like shouting, loud voises or crafty people:)

SR..yes, that's what i said, they are not real but melodramatic, Kareena is always loud, even in Jab we met, I didnt like her, she was screeching all the time.

Swats: Now that Sooraaj hasnt been so succesful recently, i think he will become available:)
sometimes i feel thast goodnrss really changes the people and sorroundings, but in real life one cant get a boy like Shahid in Vivah and its next to impossible to survive after these burns,
i also didnt like Kajol in K3G.

ugnich Konitari: Thanks for liking it:), actually in MPK they have shown Salman cycling in the house for fun:)

Shalom: yeah, thats why it failed,if Sonali is shown being shy then even that is over the top:), it was so irritating and then main couple was given not much to do:) actualy nothing was right;)

Swats: It is here my dear at the top:)
actually i am in hyd for a week, so thuis delay, please bear with me:)

Reflections said...

Ohhhh yes even I like watching MPK & HAHK...but more coz I adore Salman Khan:-). But yes all songs are hummable & movie is the feel good types.
Dont want to judge Karan Johar too much coz I enjoyed his KKKG...yes even i wondered how a charcter of Shah rukh cd fall for kajol Just like tht & oh yes Kajol is LOUD both here & in Kuch Kuch hota hai.

Renu said...

Reflections: yeah;) I also like Salman khan, earlier when media was hounding him , I wrote a letter even in Filmfare and got a prize also:)
HSSH-it flopped because they gave Salman a very short role;)

rajk said...

Did you realise that HAHK was a remake of Nadiya Ke Paar? I'd take NKP over the hyped HAHK anyday!

A rebel all the way... said...

Neither do I like Karan's movies nor Barjatya's movies. While Barjatya's movies are totally intolerable (with the exception of HAHK and Maine Pyaar Kiya), KJ's movies are far removed from reality.
KJ's movies keep you captivated, but they have no long lasting affect on me. I would never put them in my favourite movie list. (Though I do like K3G, but others are okish only).
On the other hand, I just can't stand Barjatya's movies. I watched Vivah and I ended up laughing hysterically whenever I heard 'Mujhe hakk hai' or 'Pitaji, Jal'. I find his movies extremely regressive somehow.
I love off-beat films like Water, Page 3, My Brother Nikhil, Raincoat, etc.
Mainstream cinema has started boring me. :(

Renu said...

RajK: Yes I know, even if i didnt know, I would have known, both are exaxztly same, except thew is rurla and real, other is urban and surreal:)

Rebel:You are right, but some movies are good in main stream also,I always believe that showing goodness, may be extreme sometimes, brings out the good in human beings.
I also liked Page-3 and MY brother Nikho\il, didnt see water and Raincoat--it was very slow, what they wanted to show could have been finished in 2 reels---it was dragging, like an art movie.

Piper .. said...

in DDLG, what i have continued to dislike about the movie(even though i`ve watched it some 50 million times and know the dialogues from A to Z) is the fact that the guy realizes he`s in love when he sees the girl all feminine with long hair and in designer saris - while in college he never noticed her becos she was a tom-boy!! how ridiculous could tht be! but then again, i guess it happens all the time..

Renu said...

Piper; It was not in DDLJ but KKHH, but thats what Indian movies are all about.. stereotypes...a girl wearing a jeans has to be ultra mod and all that.

Renu said...

Rebel; BTW , if u find a girl serving his father and speaking pure language regressive, dont u find it regressive when Aish is counting the luxuries of Her impoverished husband or Ajay not ever being able to express his love,then Aish ka fan se hawa karna.....
Movie is for a short time, and so the scenes are made a little loud to have impacet, but Vivah was mainly about...what is marriage....its a bond between two people.....and it sustains despite so many adverse conditions....its about a boy looking beyond the physical appearances of his fiancee.....taking seriously the vows of marriage....and all that:)

A rebel all the way... said...

@ Renu -> Which movie are you talking about here? Raincoat? Raincoat sooooo rocked. I can't see what you found regressive in those scenes. Now that you have reminded me, am gonna download it today and watch it again. hehehehe....
Vivah was regressive because neither did Shahid nor Kareena fitted into their roles. And honestly, that movie made me laugh. I hate it when obvious emotions are 'Mujhe hakk hai'.....eeeeeeeks.....
The concept was good, but the execution was pathetic. Yes, marriage is all about that. But if you really wanna see how a movie on marriage is made, see 'Shall We Dance'. Its an english movie featuring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon. I have never seen another movie which so forcefully and effectively sends that message on marriage across.

Renu said...

Rebel; yes sir:) I am talking aboput ur favourite..Raincoat only:)
My dear Vivah didnt have Kareena but Amrita Rao:)
and oh no.......... I loved that song--mujhe haq ha......see this tells u about the boundaries in Indian tradition.
tum nahi samjhooge:) kabhi mile to bataayenge::))
and yes whenevr i get a DVD I will certainly see Shall We Dance, becuase I like those stars,more because u recommend it:)

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