Tribute to MC SHARMA

I want to pay my humble tribute to a great policeman MC Sharma, he was the inspector who got killed in yesterday's encounter.According to TOI he had got many gallantry be President's police medals.And his technical surveillance capabilities were unmatched and he was only 43. From yesterday i was praying for him but sadly this time my prayers were not answered.
May God give his family the strength to bear the loss and may God be with them all their life !
When police falters we are more than ready to bombard them, but their sacrifices always go unnoticed. I feel very sad ki---ek desh ka himmat aur Bekhauf sipahi kuch sirfiey logo ki wajah se shaheed ho gaya. We need more of his tribe.


my space said…
May he rest in peace...
Reflections said…
Yes...a tragedy. I'm at loss for words :-(

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