Friday, September 12, 2008

shop for a cause

A shop and a cause
The shop: The Paper Shop.The cause: an orphanage/old-age home in India.How are they connected:Sometime back I'd setup a shop at Etsy (a place to sell handmade stuff), The Paper Shop. Recently I visited an orphanage/old-age home in India, Nethaji Mercy Home, and since then I wanted to do something for them. So I decided that I would use my etsy shop for raising funds for this home. Below is a picture (borrowed from their website) of the children from the home:
On the extreme left and right is the couple behind this home. It was so amazing to meet these beautiful people; they treat all the children as their very own and have devoted their life to the care of these children and the old-age people. On seeing such selfless service, I felt there could be something that I could do and came up with this idea: a dollar ($1) for each item sold at my Etsy shop, The Paper Shop, will be donated to this home.How you can help?
Of course by shopping at The Paper Shop.
Spread the word:
Word of mouth publicity - tell your friends about it, it would be great
if you could publish a post on your blog (if you have one) linking to my shop or this post.
There's a link to my Etsy shop on the right of my blog.
Tha above post is from Smriti's world


Reflections said...

What a lovely idea!!!! This Paper Shop is there only in Chennai or...????

p.s - heeeheee, even the dog is posing so well:-D

Renu said...

No, this is my daughter's shoponline, in San diego presently, but this orphanage is in Chennai-velachery

Balvinder Singh said...

Lovely idea of helping out the needy. I will upload the link in my blog. Keep up the good work.

Renu said...

Balvinder: Thanks a lot,I know that every little effort counts.

Cess said...

I wanted to buy some, but it can only be shipped in usa or canada ;( I can still put the message in my blog ;)

Cess said...

u got a new award Renu ;)

vamsi parimi said...


Visit me @

Will be glad if you leave comments


Renu said...

Cess- I have told smriti, she will enquire about postage and then if feasible, will add france,UK etc.

Cess: u just made mu sundat memorable, I think last few days have been really lucky for me, got so many awards, makes me feel so happy, specially because i am being loved by young generation and that means to me that I have been able to manage the generation gap::)) so what if it is only thru communication:)

vamsi: thanks for dropping,I will certainly look for ur blog:) and I never hesitate in giving my opinion if a strong thought comes to my mind.

Smriti said...

Thank you Ma! :)

sansmerci said...

where is this home in velachery? i mean can u tell me some landmark?

Renu said...

Smriti: I am always proud of u:)

Sansmerci: On 100 ft road, there is a Levi;s showroom,, besides this a lane goes, its a blind lane, in the end u will see the board-Nethaji Mercy Home. if u r coming from Rathna;s cafe side, it will be to ur left.Yesterday i went there, One feels so small looking at that couple,kids were so sweet, I feel so much for them,but i am an ordinary mortal, so i thought involving more people may make a difference to their life, they deserve good education and lots of luv, I zeroed on this place because for me watching the people becomes a motivation and its quite near my place, so I can visit easily.,

sansmerci said...

seems close .. will visit soon!

Renu said...

sansmerci: its very close .

Cess: Smriti has added all countries in her posting, so if u r still interested in buying u may do so:)

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