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First of all i want to ask one thing-----in one of the blogs i read a lot about wines..varieties, peraparation and all that, and now I cant find whose blog was that, please help me and tell:), is it Shalom:)?
yesterday i saw a news about Nana patekar giving 25 lakhs for Bihar flood victims.and see the irony, all the biggest earners of the film industry..........then Ambanis,mittals.,etc etc.........none has offered anything.........they are urging the corporates...........while I think that none of the corporates even earn like filmstars, but they are more into charity. And where are our Bihari stars----------who at the drop of the hat keep telling that they belong to bihar.........Shatrughan sinha,Shekhar suman,Manoj Bajpeyi.........why is it that the more one has, more stingy one becomes? or feels like spending on oneself only?
And the labour and workers of Bihar working in Chennai have collected 50 lakhs for Bihar, hats off to them!


Cess said…
'why is it that the more one has, more stingy one becomes? or feels like spending on oneself only?' I don t think u become stingy once u rich, but more u start become stingy to be rich. When I was in USA, I was living in a very very rich family, she was never gave many extra money, a cents was a cents, I guess I will never become rich from my side, cause I don t have that kind of attitude ;( I just need to find a rich husband not stingy ;)
Renu said…
Cess: same thing my daughter says:) about being stingy to get of luck to u for finding a rich husband:)
Reflections said…
About the wines.....u may be refering to preethi's blog. Abt a month a back she had put a post on diff types of wines. I have her link in my blog 'Preethi'...just chk it out.

Abt donations.....No amount is too little. Every bit contributes to the well-being, the reconstruction of their lives. when r people going to understand tht?
Prashant Sree said…
The Humanity wave comes together to rescue its brotherhood, when the time demands.,. I do accept that some rich people are stingy, but to say that as people began to get
rich, stinginess becomes a part of them , that would be an over-statement ;)

It could be frugality in disguise too :)


Renu said…
Reflections: Thanks nancy:) actually somebody wanted to read it and I didnt know how to find it, thanks again:)

Prashant sree: may be i over reacted:), but it saddens me to see that those people who cud really make a difference to the society are so indifferent to the common man.
and thanks for dropping by, I hope u keep coming:)
DeeplyDip said…
If I may take a different stance here - maybe some of the celebrities and industrialists have actually donated money for the flood relief but prefer to be anonymous? Sometimes people do that...moreover, most of the industry houses and celebrities either own a charity or support one regularly...So maybe their charities are looking after the funds here? I haven't been following the story much, but just trying to give the situation another outlook...:)
Renu said…
Deeplydip: yeah, that may be also true, but what i wanted to convey is this- regular charity is different, everybody does that, but when some calamity of this magnitude arises, then some instant relief is required, and few people are fortunate enough to make the difference, so why not realise it?
And nothing about filmstars can be hidden, when media follows them everywhere.
Salil said…

"When thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."

While I agree that fortunate ones should definitely extend a helping hand to unfortunates, otherwise humanity will cease to exist. But I dont agree that corporates or celebrities dont contribute for noble causes. I am sure almost ALL of them do (probably not necessarily with the same motive).

But there is an unwritten philosophy when it comes to contributing which is not to make it public. For eg, I make a few contributions for noble causes of which only my wife is aware of and no one else in the world including my father knows about it. I know that is the case with some of my colleagues and I am aware that my CEO spends a fortune on charities which is not public. When there is a clear intent to keep things secret, it can be done, even for celebrities.

Though I have claimed I contribute for social causes, you dont know how much or where! It could be Rs.10 for welfare of Salil :-)

Keep those thought provoking blogs rolling.

Renu said…
Salil: u r 100% right, but today sometimes I think that instead of hiding me must advertise:0 because it sometimes inspires many others to do the dame,and sometimes it shows others the way to do something:)
Even my FIL used to pay fees for manby poor students, though hehimself was not rich, and we came to know only after his death.

I know many corporates also, old ones like TATA BIRLAS, they were too much in social causes and still they are, India has one of the best education institute from them only (BITS PILANI), but this new breed of tycons like ambanis,mallya etc, there are so many more who are not much into it, I mean to say in proportion to their incomes and same can be said for out bollywood stars, top ones-AB,shahrukh,akshay..never contribute that way, as for publicity......I think some journalist will always come to know and tell us(may be told by them only),Amar singh never stops telling in his each interview that their trio gave 50 lakhs to akshardhaam.Modesty doesnt come easily to everybody specially not to our politicians and bollywood. Where are people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in India ( except Narayna Murthy here and Birlas there)

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