Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tomorrow is

tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi. When we were in maharashtra, so much of enthusiasm was ther for this festival. Every evening one hawker used to come, he would take the offerings for Ganpati and when the time comes for Visarjan, he will collect our Ganpati also. What a convenient way.

Then in Hyderabad also it is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. Even otherwise also i have seen that hyderabad celebrates most of the festivals with lots of enthu and that is missing here in Chennai, atleast i havent seen. No i think i am wrong, just now i went to the market to do the shopping for the festival. Its nearby Dandeeshwaram road, and there was so much of crowd that it was impossible to move:), I was happy to see. I bot some Doob( type of grass), then hangings made from the peelings of corncob, and a beautiful garland of very small flowers and of course Ganpati, but to be environment friendly, i bot the one made of fresh clay and with no colors.

My daughter also celebrates in a big way, making 21 things in the offering and gauri Pooja one day before. this photo of offerings I have shown is from her only This year My DH also wants to bring Ganpati home. Since after my surgery I am not going to the kitchen, I wont be cooking anything special, just we will bring ganpati and some sweets and do it.
Ganpati is the god who is always worshipped before worshipping any other god and he removes all the hurdles in life, thats why we call him Vighnharta. He idolised his mother and and was absolutely obedient to her and when his father was wrong, he didnt allow him inside, so it is said that----being good and obedient to ur parents, being righteous and kind to all is his real worship.and pleases him.



Cess said...

hey Renu, i learned a lot about Indian cultures the pas year, but obviously, i m far away to know everything, can u tell why u are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi? Is it every indians, our one particular religion? and What do u do? like cooking specials dish, praying...?

Anonymous said...

im presuming dh is darling husband ;-)

happy ganeshchaturthi to u n ur fmly..

Priya said...

Wishing you and your family Happy Ganesh Chathurthi:)

A rebel all the way... said...

happy ganesh chaturthi...
me total zero when it comes to religious festivals etc...i work for a european sales desk in a bank, so once one of my colleagues was selling a financial product which had to do something with the sensex and bse was closed on that particular day due to buddha purnima..so he asked me what is the significance of buddha poornima...and i was like "i guess it has something to do with gautam buddha, but dont really know what"...felt so ashamed that day...but me adial also no...so rarely learn from my mistakes...still an idiot when it comes to these things...:(

Smriti said...

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you Ma :)

starry nights said...

HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHY TO You too.have a good week.

Renu said...

Cess; Ganesh chaturthi is the bday of Lord ganesha.Its celebrated by Hindus and then also specially in some states of India like in maharashtra,MP, TN, AP,Karnataka.
One day before everybody brings home a statue of the god , most of the time made of clay or plaster of paris.
Ganesha is worshipped by all hindus and in all the festivals, before worshipping any other god.
he is said to remove all the problems and hurdles from ur life.
Then one day before Gauri pooja (Gauri is the mother of ganesha) is performed.In pooja we keep--sweets, rice-uncooked,flowers,Roli(red color powder) and then we lit the earthen lamp with either pure ghee(something like butter) and camhor, and use scented sticks also. small token of things which are considered auspicious...like coconut,betel leave...turmeric and roli packets are given to married women.
On the day of ganesh chaturthi-my daughter gives the offering of 21 items--5 variety of fruits and 5 variety of dry fruits, 11 varieties of sweets and salty snacks. For 10 days we chant the parayers in the morning and in the evening. and then the statue of god is submerged in water, praying--god ome to our place next yr.
I have told u the essence .

Swats: u r 100 % right, we old ladies are not allowed to have boy friends:):)
Thanks for the wishes !

Priya: Thanks for the wishes !

REBEL : No dear, u r not an idiot, just a typical boy, wait till the lady of the house comes, u will know everything and never forget anything:) Thats why i say only a woman makes the house a home:)

smriti: Thank u guria ji:)

Starry nights;Thanks for the wishes !


DeeplyDip said...

Happy ganesh chathurthy to you too :)

Shalom said...

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you too. And you're right.....nothing like celebrating this festival in Maharashtra!!!

Hip Grandma said...

Happy Ganesh chaturti to you too.

Piper .. said...

happy ganesh chaturthi to you too :-)) btw, what surgery did you have?

Renu said...

Deeplydip:Thanks for the wishes!

Shalom: yes the fervour is too much, even in Hyderabad Ugaadi and chaturthi, both are celebrated well,markets are so well decorated and full of festive crowd.

Hiphopgrand: Thank u for the wishes!

Piper: Thanks for the wishes !, I got my thyroid removed completely in July end,as such I have no problem, just cant stand sweating. I wrote a big post on thyroid, just for the sake of awareness:)

Reflections said...


my space said...

Ganpati Bappa Morya...what fun it is na Renu? I love all our festivals..and Ganpati is really cute.

my space said...

Btw howdo u place pics side by side.I tried so hard to do so on my blog but it jus didn`t happen

Renu said...

Reflections: Thank u:)

My space: yeah, I love the festivities, dressing up, going to the market, decorating the house everything and yes making lots of dishes.
Can u tell me what is the emaning of Morya?
When I want to upload the amages, I click the-add image---then the page cpmes with Browse---there is a positioning option, first image, I give left, and next time centre.
I hope I am able to make u understand, actually I am a novice in comps. I just follow my daughter's instructions:)

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