yesterday i saw WELCOME, I know its quite an old movie, but since my H doesnt like going to hall, I watch whatever is dished out on TV. I liked it very much, just dont look for logic in anything and then its a very enjoyable movie, specially Akshay, Katrina, mallika and Paresh........I still get a smile on my face when i think of their comic capers:), thoroughly enjoyable, few one lines also----abhi ham jinda hain:).....................aapse kya ham jhooth bolenge:)


Reflections said…
Hehe even I saw it on dvd few weeks back. My better half thoroughly enjoys such humour but I found the parts where both AK & NP called Mallika Shaerawat bhabhi for eachother really funny.
Shalom said…
Thank you for the award.....just put it up :D

Welcome has become a family favourite movie....my sister bought the dvd & she would watch it almost daily after college....it was her relaxation video!!! After watching this, whenever someone was about to get angry, we'd always repeat Nana Patekar's "Control Uday, control" dialogue!!! And the "abhi hum zinda hai" is also really funny :D

We also caught it last night, but only for a few minutes while channel-surfing. Hubby laughed at whatever little we saw, so I'm hopeful he'll watch the full thing with me someday.
Renu said…
reflections: me too:)there was this Deewana mastana--truely a laugh riot, I like clean fun movies more then thes double entendre type.

Shalom: yeah,its a clean fun movie:) actualy this Control yaar, got very popular with Govibnda and Sanjay dutt in Ek aur ek gyaarah, i think that movie was also written by Anees bajmi, Yesterday Mithya was also on Colors, but cudnt watch two together:(
Swats said…
I haven't seen the film but I'm sure it's entertaining to the core..Paresh Rawal rocks! His sense of comic timing is just so amazing!

and even Akki is on a roll..so many back to back hits...way to go!
Renu said…
Swats: I am surprised, I thought I am the only person left:)
We all like Akki:)
I scribble here said…
ya i like the movie too, a brainless movie like that is quite good once in a while:)

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