10 paisa Dosas

10 paisa Dosas, quite surprising but its true.it was in today's Indian Express. In kadapa Minu reddy is selling dosas from 5am to 11 am at 10paisa each. They are two brothers, one looks after the supplies and other cooks, their wives do the cleaning and children make chutneys.Their dosas are very tasty and popular. Some customers are regularly coming for last 20 years.
It has a story behind it. Long back their mother came to the city with her two sons and started selling dosas for 6 paisa as a source of livelihood. After 25 years she had to reluctantly increase the price to 10 p due to the inflation. now his mother is no more and in her memory the brothers have taken up her job. Their children are well educated and settled now.
Minu Reddy says----We are not interested in developing the business or increasing the profit, as this is our way of serving people---What a noble thought -----he can teach a lesson to many of our in dustrialists and people with abundance who are never satisfied, always keep increasing the profitability even it makes the commodities not affordable for common man.
Just wish we had more of his tribe and may god bless him with everything !


Smriti said…
This is so touching! I'm glad you posted it on your blog Ma so that everybody can read and take inspiration from it.
Renu said…
yes, thats why whenevr i see some news of social relevance I put it here,I hope someone somewhere may read it and take some inspiration
lata said…
in this time and age - unbelievable.

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