Media power

printed in Filmfare-june-2000 -got me a prize
It is generally accepted that media can make or break a star.And that gossip affects a star's status and market value. The media too gleefully endorses the view.
But two of the biggest stars of our industry have defied the norm and how. First Big B shunned the media and still ruled showbiz for years,infact when his fall came, the media couldnt save him at all. So much for media power.
The second star is Salman Khan. There are stories galore in the press about his so called haughtiness,misbehaviour ,rudeness and what not.He is never praised for his stunning looks,personality or his talent.
He has to his credit more hits than any other star.The point is that he is immensely popular despite a terrible image in the media. So please, give the credit where it's long overdue.
A star is a star,no matter what is written about him


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