Monday, May 19, 2008

Natural Fibre Sarees

There is a weaver in Chennai who weaves sarees in all the natural fibres possible-linen,banana fibre and jute. Even the colours he uses are natural. Sarees can be washed and handled the same way as cotton sarees are used and the sarees are not very expensive even. While linen sarees range from Rs 750/ to Rs 2ooo/ cotton and silk sarees are priced anywhere between Rs550 to 1200.Jute material is Rs 75/ meter and banana fibre sarees start from 550 and go upto Rs 1200.
Today in the market well publicised and hyped boutiques are making a killing in the name of being environment friendly, and this simple man who is so genuinely doing something so environment friendly is not getting much encouragement. So I would like to urge all you people there, if you are interested in buying something natural, you may contact him at:
Sekar - 9842541883 in Chennai
P.S. I read this info in Indian Express.

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