Sunday, May 25, 2008

filmy sons of Akshay and Shahrukh

The new mantra to gain popularity seems to be or pretend to be a completely devoted husband and father.First shahrukh khan said that he got six packs because his son wanted him to be slim and he cant disappoint him. Good for him and his son. Now Akshay states that his son is his inspiration and he follows his suggestions with all sincerity and works towards that goal. Phew----lofty words.It will be interesting to know how old his son is, I am not sure but he must be 5-6 years.Filmy sons for filmy people. They are just trying to cash on their popularity for enhancing their image, they know that indian viewers are emotional suckers for a good family man,but they are forgetting that Saif is also popular popular without all this drama ( its different that he is into another drama )

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