Thursday, May 8, 2008

Balaji Soaps need to learn from smarter serials

Printed in DC-16 june-2007-got me best letter prize
K serials have completely lost their credibility and entertainment value,being just repetitive.Virudh is far better in its storyline,presentation and aesthetic value. It has a very different story line augmented by strong characters playing different roles. It has all the emotions without being melodramatic.I also like Durgesh nandini. Its protagonist Durgesh behaves in a sane manner,not taking cudgels on everybody's behalf, the way all other heroines do.Its both funny and pathetic to see Prerna, Tulsi and Parwati, doing everything in their families despite having a big 'pariwar'. And in the bargain they end up destroying their own marriages !If they cant manage their own husbands and children,how they can look after others? This remains a puzzle to me.

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