Thursday, May 8, 2008

the important side of relation ship

Printed in woman's era-Nov I
This refers to How To Survive (sep II) , the writer has taken a very important side of relationships and anaysed it in a very realistoc way. Kudos to hiom! In families not only DIL even sons are differntiated> I myself being the elder DIL faced lots of problems and rules and regulations in all the spheres of life, whether important or even trivial things like where to sit,where to go, when to sleep, when to talk. Same happens for the elder son also,he is supposed to have all the duties and no rights,and even after devoting his whole life to his siblings and parents, he is not given the satisfaction of being or brother,still lacking in their eyes.Its like more you do, more you are asked,but with the younger ones, family tends to be on the pampering side and they are lucky to have only rights,no duties.In " the dangers....." writer has written a very6 poignant line--the society which insulates true,it touched heart, what type of decadent life we are living, without any values,feelings,sensitivity with just the materialistic pleasure at the top of our mind. I hope these type of writeups make people sit up and think.

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