desserts-serving in a different way

  • Indian sweet gujhia ------- top it with Rabri ( milk made thick by boiling over and added with sugar, cardamom, dry fruits )---makes a delicious dessert. For choclate lovers, one can top it with choclate sauce.
  • Gulabjamun------cut them into two halves-----put some cream on the flat surface and half a cherry in the centre-----looks as yummy as it tastes.
    White rasogullas------ take small size of rasogullas and put them in rabri and heat a little, then chill and serve them .
  • Rabri------Cut the fruits ( like cheekoo, oranges, banana, mango , apple ,grapes ) and serve them in rabri------its a very tasty dessert.


Smriti said…
Lovely ideas - they'll make for a great presentation!

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