Arushi murder- Noida

This is one of the most shocking news recently. A ghastly murder, and father being accused ; nothing can be worse for a society. Though so far nobody knows the truth, but one thing is certain, in this race of going higher and higher, we are reaching the nadir in character.Sooner or later everybody must understand one thing that in the end, most important thing is people in your life ,not things.जीवन की इस आपाधापी मे हम अपने बच्चो को ही भूलते जा रहे हैं , our children need our presence in their life more than the expensive gifts, gifts and gadgets are the things which we make them habitual of, but for them and for us it will be better if we give them, Now there is this new name given----quality time------I never knew that time also has quality---. Today we bring the children in this new world and leave them to fend for them selves, Since joint families are no more, if the parents are busy, there is no one to share their fear, sorrows, happiness and most important their day to day experiences.. I still remember, when my daughter and son will come back from school, they will keep on chattering continuously while changing the dress, eating their lunch and while serving them lunch if they felt that I was not giving them attention, they will say-- mama suno na, they had so much to share.I really miss that.
Children need to be taught the values from the very beginning, guided through the maze of this intriguing world with a strong hand.


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