Friday, May 9, 2008

Gold Quest Scam-

Time and again people have been duped of their hard earned money. Earlier the targeted victims were either housewives or unemployed youth, but now the standard of scams has gone up and many educated people are also getting cheated . The government must have some supervision over these mushrooming companies whether MLM or otherwise.In 90s there was this CRB, and here even tax rebate was offered if one invested in the bonds, now what a common man is supposed to do in this scenario. When govt is offering tax rebate on a issue,its understood that its a genuine company,but they ran away with all the money. Then there was this Hometrade which was endorsed by most famous bollywood stars. And now this Gold also in the promos they showed a famous kannada star's son making huge money through this. And common public respects these stars a lot and gives them a lot of credibility. Poor public, they dont know that stars will endorse anything if they are getting paid handsomely. They are least bothered about public or its money. So now the onus is on government to check and put some restrain on endorsements also, anybody endorsing scamsters must be considered an accomplice and treated as such. They cant take refuge in ignorance, for once they will have to take responsibility for their actions

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