north indian versus maharshtrians

Mumbai is facing the worst form of vote bank politics. In Mumbai most of the influential persons are non maharashtrians (if you call it by caste, though in my opinion anybody living in Maharashtra for a long time is Maharashtrian), and none of the big people are taking any stand or bothered about it. The reason being that neither any if these vitriolic comments or attacks affect them, nor they are bothered about anything except their riches. So what it boils down to; is that it is only the common people who are deprived of their livilihood and their lives are being put in danger, the way it happened to a small boy travelling in train at Manmad, he is in coma,he and his family is suffering for no fault of theirs. In all these conflicts only the common man is the sufferer, whose custodian these politicians claim themselves to be.And for them nobody comes forward, neither any social workers,NGOS or government.Its time people look inside and wake up their conscience, if the rulers cant defend public, they have no right to rule. Now the public should strengthen itself, and come forward united to fight these demons.


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