Lucknow has everything which can change it into s happening town except the will of politicians. I feel surprised that UP has so many good towns and still students and people from there have to shift to south and maharashtra. The biggest thing we need there is good infrastructure and then political will to invite industrialists and software companies.Once the employment opportunities are there education will find its feet on its own. Even if a few influential people come forward and bring a few BPO centres and soft ware solutions, the scenario will change. Its ironic to see that people are more interested in opening malls over there not industries, the reason being the politicians. UP has been given so much by nature but politicians and mahabalies have usurped everything. UP produces so much of fruits , and still why nobody thinks of installing any fruit juices or sauces, or any other food processing plant. Its really sad that there are not even many NGOS over there.


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