Friday, May 23, 2008

shahrukh khan

Amir Khan and Amitabh bacchan both taking pot shots at Shahrukh khan makes one thing very clear sure----shahrukh has grown in stature and today is the no. 1 personality in bollywood. And the way he has conducted himself among all the controversies is really praise worthy. He has shown himself worthy of title----king khan, he is truly a king.
Wile Amir khan has belittled himself and shown a very petty side of him, surprising are the blogging of Amitabh bacchan. When he ruled the industry, he never bothered about anything written about him, for a long time he even banned the media,though it was heard even then that he never forgot anything and never forgave anybody.But the way he is today reacting to every line written about him from the crease on Aishwarya's dress to Yamini's write up.shows that he is down from his pedestal and come to the level of lesser mortals and trying to gain popularity through sympathy. Now he should retire from Bollywood grace fully and not spoil his image in the viewers mind

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