Monday, June 9, 2008

amitabh bacchan and iifa wards

Though Mr. bacchan knows and everybody knows that he is the best, but why give so much importance to RGV . Bacchan has put on his blog all the critics assessment of Sarkar raj and RGV;s answers, and much more.Are so many publications without any intelligence to employ such journalists or critics ori s it that anybody who criticises is a fool and one who eulogises is intelligent. When all were praising RGV he was basking in the glory, then he never said that these journalists have no knowledge or idea, so how can they praise.When everybody praised Amitabh Bacchan for Black unanimously and when there are so many fans of his out there, he never doubts their sincerity, they why doubt it if someone is critical.Great people like him should accept everything in their stride and thats what make them all that great, not this mudslinging match.With the fan following he has , I think he has some social responsibiliy of not glamourising the antisocial elements or people like Subhash nagre.The least he can do is atleast now at this age not to portray underworld characters in a positive way.A person of his standing must have a very unbiased attiude towards people and even while praising his own family.
i felt very sad to see that a path breaking movie like Taare Jameen Par was completely ignored in IIFA, what does it mean, that they have no regard for common man, because it was one movie which was liked by one and all.And Style icon award was given to Abhishek and katrina. I am a fan of Abhi but he is no style icon, If Mr. bacchan had got it would have been more suitable, or Karan johar or shahrukh.

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