Friday, June 13, 2008

food shortage

Saving water is not a option now, its a necessity. With the global food shortage, certain steps are necessary.
The foremost is that govt. must decide the percentage of land needed to be used in cultivation, and laws be made to adhere to that. In a country known for its affinity to agriculture, shortage of food shows our negligence towards our roots.
As a citizen there are many step we can also take to help them--
  • We can revive the culture of kitchen gardens. Few vegetables are very easily grown like tomato, green chilli, lady ginger etc.
  • We must take a resolution never to over feed ourselves and our family, its good for health, good for nation.
  • Buy only that much that is required, may be a little less but never more. Stop hoarding eatables.It will save money for us also, as so many times packed eatable have an expiry date, sometimes for some reason if we are not able to use fresh ones rot also. If we buy limited quantity we are leaving it for some unfortunate ones.
  • Rather shopping for everything be limited for the utility only. buying things on the whim must be stopped, as the discarded items also pollute the environment.
  • In the restaurants the mantra is to serve big platter with higher price,and many times it is wasted either they should change the style--not likely as they are concerned only about the business , nothing else, so better share it. Instead of ordering something extra order a little less. No leaving the leftovers or over eating, remember :)
  • We must remember that on one side our whole life we try to accumulate things and money for our next generation to make their comfortable, but we forget that we are finishing the natural resources which they can never buy even if they have all the money. So think about it, we are not doing it for anybody else but for our own children. We wouldnt like our children to starve but have pots of money. Money cant be eaten.So instead of all the time thinking about making money one should think about environment also and do nothing which endangers it.

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Smriti said...

That's an excellent post! Eating less is a win-win situation; it leads to good health, preserves resources and saves money!

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