Wednesday, June 11, 2008

amitabh bacchan

.I am fed up of this see-saw of sayings-Sarkar raj is good; it is not. Let the box office decide that. But box office never decides the merit of a movie, it only tells you the entertainment value ,So many movies were not hit ,but they were the best Silsila, Aalaap, Kala patthar, main aajad hoon.. Since ours is a poor country of under preivileged people, here the glossy movies where everything is over the top, shows a world not seen by havenots are always successful. And that is where the dichotomy starts because critics are there to tell a movie''s worth academically, not of popularity, they are there to dissect a movie to pieces and there lies the truth all bare. In my whole life I have never seen any movie praised by critics to be a hit and vice versa and thats it.But all good actors have got acclaim irrespective of the movie being a hit or not. Hritik's ten movies must have failed, but he was always praised, and so was Rishi kapoor, Shabana azmi, Naseeruddin shah, Om puri as they are great actors and great people.

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