Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday we went to Spencer plaza and there in the pantloon showroom , I stumbled upon a hard surface and hurt my little toe, since the cut was quite deep I had 6 stitches. Here I am not writing about it but the reactions of my family and friends---

Not now, but earlier the first reaction of my husband would be----why cant u walk properly-----this is a very patronising remark we always give to our children,.

From now onward wear shoes.

Sue the owners of Pantloon for making something not customer friendly.

I always feel that whenever somebody is hurt, most of the time it happens with the children, he/she must be given the utmost care lovingly.But what the parents do---immediately start scolding the child-----why did you go there? cant u see before going? or if they break something----how can u be so careless?

What i say is that can anything broken be more important than our child? Things come and go, but the childhood never comes back. Kids( or even adults sometimes) need assurance in life that they have someone to look upto in the hours of need& making a mistake is not a crime.

I remember when my son was young, playing outside, if any of his friend got hurt, he will bring him to our place saying-------my mom wont say anything and she will put ointment and all.

One can never make somebody injury proof, that is not the way life works.If once we fall while walking should we stop walking. Instead of huffing and puffing in all the problems, one should give the best treatment and move on.The way my brother once wrote to me---

Life is not about not getting problems and hurdles, but it is about getting the strength to face them.


Reflections said...

Made good reading. My husband is just like u & now I'm learning to be more like him:-)

Reflections said...

Gosh, so thoughtless of me.....I forgot to ask how u r feeling. So is the pain lesser now? R u able to walk?
I'm always hitting my smallest toe everywhere. Its really a wonder how it has not fractured yet. Sometimes i think I dont walk properly otherwise why else will only 1 toe get hurt all the time:-S

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