Sunday, June 15, 2008

my resolutions

This year I have taken a few resolutions, now only my family members can tell me whether i have been successful or not? have they found any change in me.My resolutions are:----

  • I will be nice to everybody.
  • I wont complain for anything.
  • I will not expect anything- emotional or financial from anybody.
  • I will just not interact with the people who bring stress or negativity in my life.
  • I will try never to hurt anybody by my action or words.
  • I will do whatever I can for everybody.
  • I will not give anybody undue importance in my life :)
  • buy only what I need, no hoarding.
  • I wont fear any body and do and say only what is right.
  • Learn to appreciate--may be people or things.
  • Show your appreciation.
  • Forget the word ---criticism, shouldnt exist in my dictionary.
  • whatever is supposed to happen , will happen anyway.
  • I cant change a thing even, leave aside a person, except one that s me.
  • Acceptance brings happiness in life.
  • If we love someone unconditionally, then today or tomorrow or sometime in life we will certainly get the reciprocation, no matter what.

All this has brought lot of piece to my mind and my home:)


VR said...

I think this is a very tall list of things....however it is very inspiring and encouraging!! do let us know how you feel after a few weeks so that we can also take this up.

Smriti said...

They say that if you want to start something new and want to stick to it, make it public. So I think making this list public is going to help you :).

Though I agree with VR, it's a verrrry long list :); but if you think you can make, then you can!

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