Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pilots sleep

Today i read two news---one- that on an air india flight from jaipur to Mumbai, pilots slept so well that they pass their destination, even frantic calls from ATC go unanswered--why is this happening there can be two reasons only either they are overworked and exhausted or they they have no work ethics but in both the cases lives of so many passengers are put in danger and when there are so many lives at stake,govt. must find the solution and fast.
Second one came in Bitsaa mail
With reference to an article in the Times of India last week, it was brought to everybody's notice that APIIC is building a road on the lake which is opposite Wipro Manikonda, Hyderabad without proper permissions. This lake is being taken care of by Wipro. The article also threw light on how the land mafia/sharks might be involved in it. Unfortunately I'm unable to find that article on the internet and provide a link to the same.After the article was published, there was a lull in the road building activity. Today while coming to office, I was shocked to see the road building work in full swing! They are actually filling up the lake bed(buffer area) and running road rollers by breaching the lake fence .Is this another "Inconvenient Truth" that we just have to face, or can we do something about it? I visited the lake and notices the space between water level and wired fence - that has been put up by HUDA after agreeing to hand over th emaintenace to WIPRO - clearly ths violation is with comminvance and blessings of WIPRO - that puts up a public face of following GREEN policies - that include water conservation as a key constituent -
what is happening to our business people and govt ?

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Reflections said...

Its either people are busy in their daily lives & dont care what is happening around as long as it doesnt affect them directly or there is this other type where they show their anger by throwing stones & setting govt assets on fire. Either way, India is the loser.

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