Monday, June 9, 2008

Modern day grocery stores

  • Now when so many big MNCs have come in the market for opening the general departmental stores type, one sees in the market at every nook and corner a Fresh, Spencers, More and in big malls, food world, then regional ones like Magna and Trinethra in Hyderabad.The question is are they really better then our idigenous ones, are they really providing a good service and value for money and can they ever replace our Kirana stores.Since i have lived in many cities like Nagpur, Delhi, Hyderabad and now in Chennai, I am privileged to see many varieties and can see the changes and a pattern. The first indian super store the one like abroad I saw was Nanz in Delhi. We went there like sight seeing, for us it was a first experience in India to shop vegetables in air conditioned comfort and all things at one place. But the prices were exorbitant over there, and the result-----it was closed after some time. As I think about,the few advantages I find are.........
  • For me it is a big comfort to shop in air conditioned environment in the tropical climate of our country. The shopping becomes a pleasant experience.
  • One can find everything at one place, and we dont have to go from one shop to another, specially with small kids its very comfy to shop all your needs at one place.
  • These stores first started the self service model, its very convenient, one can see all the varieties in a leisurely pace and compare the prices also of different products.
  • Most of big stores have a food court also, so it becomes a total outing experience.
  • They are providing the parking which is a real big problem now a days in the old style markets.
And the dis advantages are..............
  • Most of the stores are highly priced, except for a few items which are under any scheme.India value for money is very important for us.
  • They are not providing everything, some small items, though low cost, but very necessary in a home are not there.And that is very irritating for a customer to go to another place for small items.
  • Sometimes they are employing inefficient people, not knowing computer billing properly, and for the customers its very bad experience, like we went to MORE VELACHERY-CHENNAI-- there one comp. is not working, one other girl was so slow that she wasted our full one hour. I vowed never to go there again. Once in TRINETHRA ( NOW MORE ) HYDERABAD-GACHIBOWLI the salesman and girl, nobody knew the right price of the products even and in this type of store there were no labels, here also we never went again.
  • Most of the times sales people dont want to exert at all, if the customers dont find anything, they dont bother to look for it, just say its not there. SPENCERS STORE IN AMEERPET HYDERABAD, there also we had a bad experience due to no proper labelling and in billing also.
For BIG BAZAR i have seen is very popular and always crowded whether in Hyderabad, Ghaziabad or Chennai. Though the store is much better in ghaziabad and Htyderaba, in Chennai, it doesnt have much variety.
The best store I have seen is APNA BHANDAR-SITABUILDI-NAGPUR-it had the amazing variety of products at a very reasonable prices, one could buy anything from here. Even for greeting cards they had good variety and gave discounts. I really wonder why they dont advertise and do any expansion.
Another one I would recommend is this THANGAM SUPER MARKET- MAIN VELACHERY ROAD-CHENNAI, though its only grocery store. but for the grocery items, they have most of the things and at a very reasonable price and good quality and they take orders on phone and do the home delivery.
For green grocery the best places in Chennai if one wants fresh and cheap, then it has to be greenlands. In hyderabad the best places are RYTHU BAZAR----there vegetables are very fresh grocery on the shops are very good in quality and low in cost, as they are maintained by the government , I think.

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Vishal Rastogi said...

I think retailing is evolving in India. So you will find some issues to begin with. For instance not finding the small things so much required at home. However in the long run the key success factor for any retailer would be exactly this - customizing his/her product assortment per the needs of the local community. Plus as they grow they will be able to consolidate and achieve cost savings through economies of scale and provide more cost benefits. Stores like apna bhandar are already doing this. The real question will be if this concept of retailing will be as successful as we think it will be.

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