Thursday, June 26, 2008

compliments & comments

Just now i read on a blog about complimenting, read a lot about it in Chicken soup for the soul also.
Compliments are the most powerful tool in shaping someone;s personality. Good or bad, they have the power to make or break a person .A child , who gets lots of good compliments, is always full of positive energy and gets lot of encouragement to do well, be good, but negative comments always sap the energy.Normally what happens that we are very liberal with criticism but stingy when it comes to praise. It shouldnt be. Rather it should be the opposite, if we keep the criticism to us, it wouldnt make any difference, though I feel that some amount of constructive criticism is necessary for the betterment of a person.
Children who always get compliments always strive to be better and work hard towards that. And i have seen it in life that they turn out to be good person in life.While getting no appreciation or only negative comments make the person bitter in life and insecure about other;s affections and affects his or her total outlook towards life and people.
But the way too much of sugar makes the taste bitter, too much appreciation also can make a person too sure of himself, arrogant and selfcentred. So moderation is the key in everything.And as I said earlier even genuine criticism is also healthy.Plus compliments must be always genuine. I hate fake compliments. Like when somebody comes to dinner, they will always say---sab bahut accha ha---everything is good, which cant be, so better say any one thing which you really like, may be the dish, decoration and if nothing is there, then say thanks for the trouble the hostess took.
In the daily dealings also, one must never hesitate to compliment. compliment liberally and make the life and world a beautiful place to live in.
One thing I always believe in ; that be genuine in whatever we do or say.


Smriti said...

I totally agree - appreciation is the best gift that you can give one. Sometimes its important to appreciate the effort also rather than just the end result.

Renu said...

yes you are right, I have als written that if nothing than appreciate the efforts of the hostess, but then dont say that the dishes were delicious or anything phony, because you are appreciating the efforts not the results:)

Reflections said...

yep agree with u....moderation is the key. There is a saying in malayalam translated in english it means "even sugar if had in excess turns poison"

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