Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dus kahaniyan

This is movie by Sanjay gupta, here there are 10 small stories all directed by different people with different cast. The idea is vey good and it could be very enjoyable if they chose the stories from the vast Indian literature. I always wonder that in a land of Premchand,Bhagwati charan warma, Mahashweta devi, and there are many more regional good writers, like in the days of Doordarshan we had a serial on those stories, so why we have shortage of ideas and writers.I am digressing from the main point...the movie--here they are not stories, but snippets or small acts.Too short to leave any impact, for such a short act the idea needs to be very entertaining, sadly this is not so in all.Only two leave an impact,if it can be called so----
One with Shabana Azmi and naseeruddin shah---but the idea of hindu muslim---caste considerations -------quite old now
and other one with Arbaaz and Mandira--this is a good one, but since I had read the same story earlier, it lost the novelty for me- Here mandira is bored wife of a rich banker and gets into a realtionship with an army Col. When the Col. is going on his posting , he giver her a diamond necklace, thinking that how will she explain it to her husband, she goes to a jeweller and pawns it asking only for 500/ and a receipt without any name. and then making a story sends her husband to take it. when Arbaaz brings it, there is only a ring, she is shocked and cant even say anything when he says--isnt it good in 500/--. and then one day when she comes out of his office she sees his secretery wearing that necklace---given to her by her BOYFRIEND-----samajhe na......................ha ha---------------------one always gets paid for his/her sins.

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