Sunday, June 8, 2008

In parched Bundelkhand, boy held for stealing water

In the days of abundance, India is a land of contradictions, on one side there are people who are making 60 storeyed houses for themselves, buying villas in Dubai, removing a statue and making another just because it was little small and in the process wasting crores of rupees and ont he other side are......................................the poor boys like this---check it---
Bundelkhand last made news over Rahul Gandhi's midnight visit to a Dalit home, provoking Chief Minister Mayawati and the BJP to question his motives. But as Lucknow and Delhi debate Dalit politics, Bundelkhand is seeing clashes and thefts over something far more basic: water.
On Saturday morning, 15-year-old Daya Shankar and three fellow villagers were arrested for allegedly trying to capture a tanker delivering drinking water to their village Mudhari in Mahoba district. Besides other charges, all four were booked under Section 353 of the IPC for obstructing government work. Three armed policemen are since on duty to ensure that tanker water is distributed fairly in Mudhari., For details you may chk this link

If our leaders cant provide us even with drinking water , they have no right to rule us, and their statues have no right to be there at all

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Vishal Rastogi said...

What a shame....this is really sad in India...

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