Monday, June 30, 2008

SHAHI TUKRA & pudding

you made gulabjamuns and finished them but the syrup is left.........dont know what to do.......................what i do is............
  • Fry bread pieces and dip them in the syrup and take out immediately and put on the plate. As it is, it is a good sweet, crisp and sweet, but to make it more sumptuous or to serve it to the guest, put all the fried and dipped in syrup slices in a big plate. Thicken the milk, like rabri,add sugar and cardamom and pour over the slices. Garnish with chopped dry fruits and a very delicious rich dessert is ready.
  • The second choice is put some flour in the syrup and some chopped dry fruits and either you can make the pan cakes or fry little balls ( for this put enough flour in the syrup to make it semisolid, ) or even you can bake it.If you bake it then it will be something like scones, fried one like Malpua.
Normally when we buy biscuit, some are always broken, so in 15 days quite a good quantity of broken biscuits is collected and we dont know what to do.We can make pudding out of that.
  • make custard with half litre should be flowing type. Now in a bowl put the biscuits, there shouldnt be big pieces, crush them into small pieces and pour over them the custard, it should cover them completely, and then pour some more. Chill it in the fridge, then add some diced fruits like mango, banana, and while serving garnish it with cherry.
So make it and tell me how did you like it:)

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Reflections said...

Good idea...especially the 1st & 3rd ones. will definitely try it out:-)

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