Saturday, June 7, 2008

Will converting to alternate and cheaper fuel help soften the price sting?

Whatever we do but the sting will be there. remedy is not to increase the price, govt should think out of the box. Like giving a waiver to farmers or giving freebies by any govt. be banned. Govt expenditure be slashed to half. Everything should be monitored about govt servants and ministers, like foreign travel,electricity bills, phone bills,and travelling withing India. It would be better to give everybody a lump some salary instead of giving allowances or expenses on actual.I would say in every industry one should get a fixed remuneration, nothing over that. We indians save only when its from our own pocket. I am sure we will save gallons of petrol being spent by the persons-meaning families of employees and govt.Govt can increase taxes on luxury items and those things which are used by elite of the country like big cars, big houses etc. But increasing the price of petrol will have a very adverse effect on everything, it will make everything dearer and difficulties of common man will only increase.

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