Thursday, June 26, 2008

good samaritan

yesterday I went outside for a little tid bit shopping. In the evening on the road just outside our apartments, the traffic is a continuous flow of vehicles.can you believe it I stood outside our apartments to cross the road for 20 minutes ( actually I am always quite scared of crossing the roads and extra cautious also ) and then one youngman of the nearby shop also wanted to cross the road and with him I crossed it. And then he waved the hand at me and it dawned on me that,he crossed just to help me:) and then went back to his side.It just made my day. These are the little gestures which make life so beautiful.People like him make me believe in all the good things in life. He didnt know me, not even my language, he knew only tamil, but he came out to help.
Then I thought over it that we see many big people in big cars least bothered about pedestrians, , they will just pass through with a needle;s space between them and people and we feel-what has world come to ? So its not money or splendour which makes you feel good but the goodness of people which moves you, makes you happy

 I  remember one incident from the past........long time back, when we were in Noida, I used to go to learn shorthand and typing by bus. While returning I was standing at the bus stop and whenevr the bus came, the crowd surged, as there is no cue system in delhi, and i was left standing, then a young boy of 14-15 came, he was coming back after his sports, he saw this, and when the next bus comes, what I see that he stops it, and stands behind me, and doesnt get into the bus till i have boarded. he was a very well dressed boy, must be from a rich family and due to preconceived notions, one expects brattish,and may be rowdy but not this polite well mannered behaviour from them. I was so impressed, immediately the thought came to my mind----his parents are blessed to have a son like him, and i vowed to teach my children, who were young at that time, to be kind and polite all the time. These things are very small but leave a long lasting impression, this happened to me 20 yrs back but whenevr i think about that boy a smile comes to my fce and I mutter-god bless him!
I always try to help wherever I can, though in India pro active woman are still stared at, even if somebody asks the location of some placewhich I dont know, I try to go that extra mile to find it, even at the cost of my hubby's exasperation:)


Smriti said...

It's never money that can make you happy - yes you need it to keep your life going but that's about it. Money can buy you things and the happiness from possessions is short-lived.

I too feel so happy when strangers extend their helping hand. It happened in Chicago with us - we got down at the wrong stop and the bus driver waited and tooted the horn to call us back and made sure we got down at the right one. When such things happen it always makes we wonder, what if all of us did just *one* such deed everyday - what a better place this world would be then!

Reflections said...

Nice post. What a sweet guy.

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