Amitabh bacchan

I have been reading Bacchan's blog recently, quite regularly and read viewers comment also. I have seen that only those responses are put where
  • he is being praised
  • his family is worshipped and people are idolising him
  • rest all the comments are deleted later on as quite a few intelligent fans are asking some questions which are valid but make him uncomfortable, here they are---
    • you are always praising and talking about youy parents but when the time came to immortalise your mother you backed out, why didnt you name the school in her name ? Why in Aishwarya's name?
    • In Abhishek's marriage, you didnt call many people saying that you wanted it to be a private affair whereas in India Marriage is a social occasion, but now you are sharing all the private details of your life like where going, staying everything Why?
    • This year you didnt attend any award function citing that you are mourning because your mother died. and then you went to Cannes with full family and fan fare, are the rules different for India and abroad? ( actually these big stars go the functions only when they are getting the awards, they dont have any sportsman spirit)
    • If there was nothing between you and Rekha, then why this ban on movies with her?
    • Like this there are many more contradictory statements in his blog which his many gullible fans forget to realise, basically it is an exercise in publicity nothing else, since recently he has got a lot of negative publicity, he is trying to build up a fan's community in favour.


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