Monday, June 9, 2008

sarvana bhavan--restaurants in Chennai

Of course everybody knows sarvana bhavan, as it is one of the most popular chains of restaurants. First time i tried it 4 years back on the central railway station. Food and service both are superb there. Now when we are staying in Chennai, we usually go to its joint in KK Nagar. Food as usual is very good, service is also good, but on sundays it is very crowded. One has to wait a long time to get a table and then sometimes even share the table. There is no enjoyment of dining out, its just fulfilling the basic need hunger.So much of noise is there one cant hear even mobile ringing. but I was surprised at the musicbeing played there--IT WAS HINDI FILM MUSIC----to be precise instrumental version of Chandni songs-how the Chennai has changed !

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